Lead Source Recycling Upgrade

For Kit Types:CRM, MCA CRM (iMerchant), IVR

Lead Source Recycling now has more features! You will now have even more control of the automated recycling process for your lead classes, if you choose to recycle leads in your CRM instance.


You may access the lead source recycling dialogues by clicking Tools & Reports, then Marketing, then Managed Lead Classes, and clicking the recycle icon for your desired lead source. The following is a breakdown of the fields:


  • Exclude Users: Records belonging to users selected in Exclude Users will be ignored in this recycling process.
  • Stage: You may select all records dispositioned within a certain status.
  • Interval and Ticks: Specified leads which have been at the selected stage for _ Ticks of the selected Interval will be recycled. For example, if Stage is set to App Out, Interval is set to Months, and Ticks is set to 3, then all leads dispositioned as App Out which have been in the system for three months or more will be recycled.
  • Level: If you would like this recycling rule to pertain only to this particular lead source, then select Lead Class. If you would like this recycling rule to pertain to all lead sources, the select Company.
  • To Status: When these specified leads are recycled, they will be dispositioned to the status selected in this field.


The check boxes signify what you would like to count in the business rule. If all check boxes are checked, that means that you are selecting leads which have not seen a change in Milestone, Calls, Notes, or Files in that interval.