Extended Status Controls

For Kit Types:MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, ERP, IVR, CRM, VoIP

Using Extended Status Controls, you now have the power to create new statuses within your CRM. Once created, you will be able to disposition leads into these statuses, just like the other basic statuses in the BPO Kit platform.


Highlighted here are three new columns:


  • Protected determines whether duplicates are blocked for the given status. If Protected is set to Yes, then no agent other than the current assignee may work on a record which matches a protected record’s phone number, Tax ID, or any other distinct identifier.
  • Is Conversion determines whether reaching the status counts as a conversion, for reports which focus on conversions.
  • Cap is a non-actionable limit on the amount of records which a user may have in a given status. If the Cap value is exceeded, then an email will be sent to administrators which will let them know that the user has more than his/her allowed number of records in a given status. A Cap value of -1 means that there is no cap at all.