Custom Grids

For Kit Types:CRM, MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, ERP, IVR, VoIP

This video takes an in-depth look at the Custom Grids feature, a new offering on the BPO Kit platform. This tool offers a quick and efficient way to view sets of leads according to your specified criteria.


The tool is accessed directly through Lead Management, by clicking the grey box on the left which reads Custom Grids. Upon selection, the tool will display the existing list of custom grids, if there are any. You may also click the New Custom Grid button to create a new grid.


The first five fields each contain check boxes, which allow you to select the desired values in each. These fields are Users, Teams, Branches, Sources, and Statuses.


The Time field allows you to specify a minimum and maximum duration time. All leads in your custom grid will be ones existing in the system within that specified time range.


The Keywords field selects only leads with the specified keywords you enter.


The last two fields, Open Submissions and Offers, also contain check boxes which let you narrow your leads to only those from specified lenders.


After clicking the Back button, you will return to the current list of Custom Grids:


  • Click Filters to edit any grids
  • Click Launch to generate the lead set from any grid
  • Click Remove to delete any grid