Companion App for Android

For Kit Types:CRM, MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, ERP, VoIP, IVR

The BPO Kit Companion App presents the most essential features of the BPO Kit in a mobile application. This app is useful for all users of the BPO Kit, as it allows any approved users to manage their assigned records on-the-go. Admins may approve these users individually in Managed Users.


There are three main sections to the Companion App: Subject Management, User Management, and Resources.


In Subject Management, you can see a count of all profiles in each milestone, and tap any milestone to view all of its profiles. You may also search any record by profile name, or by phone number. Within each profile, you have the option to call the main contact, email the contact, and view and edit files notes. If you tap on the Files section, you will see that there is also the option to take a picture with your mobile device’s camera, and upload that picture as a file. This feature can be used for different sorts of field work and on-site documentation.


In User Management, you may view all users which your current permissions allow. When tapping on a user, you also have the option to call their primary or mobile phone number, to contact them quickly within the app.


Lastly, the Resources section, just like in the standard BPO Kit, contains all of the documents and materials you have uploaded. With Resources on the app, users will be able to view training materials, procedural documents, and other guides, even if they are away from the office or in the field.