Hard Alerts

For Kit Types:CRM, MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, ERP, VoIP, IVR

Hard Alerts allows any admin within your BPO Kit to create a pop-up alert for select users. The users who receive this alert will not be able to click anywhere within the BPO Kit until they read and dismiss the alert. This tool is useful for all users of the BPO Kit. It allows admins to update users of new events, procedures, and more, with documentation of each users’ viewership and acceptance.


To access Hard Alerts, click Tools & Reports, then Management Tools, then Hard Alerts. Then, click Add New, to create a new alert.

  • The Name of your alert is for reference purposes within the tool itself.
  • The Title of your alert will be visible to your alert’s audience.
  • Alert On Viewed, when set to Yes, will notify you when each targeted user views the alert.
  • Alert on Accepted, when set to Yes, will notify you when each targeted user accepts the alert.
  • Require On Boarding, when set to Yes, will deliver this alert to all new users created in your system when they log in for the first time.
  • The Users checkbox allows you to select which users will receive your alert.
  • The large HTML editor at the bottom of the tool allows you to write the body of your alert message.


Click Save to save your alert.


Once an alert is created, you will see a few buttons appear.

  1. The On and Off button, which switches your alert from active to inactive, and vice-versa.
  2. The View Activity button, which, when-clicked, provides the date- and time-stamps of when the targeted users viewed and accepted the alert.
  3. The Edit button, in case you want to change your alert’s settings in any way.