Scheduled Tasks

For Kit Types:MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, ERP, CRM

Scheduled Tasks allows you to set reminders for yourself, which will alert you in a select number of ways. To schedule a task, launch your desired record, and click the green check mark button. Then, click Register New Task.


First, type a title for your reminder. If you’d like, you may also enter an optional description. Next, click the calendar to the right of the Date/Time entry box. Select the time of the reminder, then the date, in that order. Remember, time is listed as part of a 24-hour clock. For example, 3pm is listed as 15:00. Then, choose which alerts you would like to receive. Please note that for a text alert to be sent, you must have your mobile number registered in Managed Users, and you must have SMS tokens available on your account.


Lastly, click Submit to save the task. When the time and date of your task arrives, you will be alerted in the manners which you selected.