Spinify Integration

For Kit Types:MCA CRM (iMerchant), CRM, BPO, ERP, VoIP

With this video, we are announcing the BPO Kit’s integration with Spinify. Spinify is a gamification platform which allows you to create leaderboards tracking your agents’ performances. These leaderboards may be displayed on the screens in your office to reward the agents who perform the best.


There is no user interface for Spinify within the BPO Kit instance. For you, the user, everything you need to configure may be found within the Spinify interface.


Your first step will be to contact Spinify to secure a license for your organization or business. Once that’s done, you may send us your Spinify account credentials, and send us a summary of what BPO Kit data you would like tracked through Spinify’s leaderboards. For example, users of the BPO Kit’s iMerchant instance may want to create a leaderboard which tracks the number of funded units for each user.


Next, you’ll want to populate your Spinify account with users. To do so, select Users on the left toolbar, then Users again, and click the Add Users button at the top right of the screen. Please note that each user’s email address in Spinify must match his or her email address registered within the Managed Users section of your BPO Kit instance.


Next, to create a leaderboard, select Leaderboards on the left toolbar, then click the Add Leaderboard button at the top right of the screen. First, you select what will be included on the leaderboard, like Deals Won. Then, you can declare your target, whether it’s the number of deals won or the value of those deals. If you wish to include a different type of data on your leaderboards, or would like help setting up your leaderboards, please let us know and we’ll assist you.


Once your leaderboards are set up, and we’ve prepared your instance’s integration with your account credentials, you will see your leaderboards begin to track your agents’ data. Please note that data entered into your BPO Kit instance prior to a leaderboard’s creation will not be tracked on that leaderboard. A given leaderboard will only track data which is entered after the leaderboard is created.