Lead Class Import Upgrade

For Kit Types:MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, ERP, VoIP, IVR, CRM

This video takes an in-depth look at the recent upgrade to our Lead Class Import tool. Lead Class Import has proven to be popular with a number of users, as it allows one to register a large quantity of new prospect profiles at once. Our update provides users with a brief summary of the uploaded data, and the addition of two new mapped fields: State and Industry.


To access Lead Class Import, click Tools & Reports, then Marketing, then Lead Class Import. Your first step will be to drag and drop the Excel file which you’d like to import. Please note that this upgrade requires you to use an updated template, which you’ll find at the bottom of the page. This template includes columns for State and Industry, meaning that these values may now be mapped to prospect records upon import.


Next, a new page will appear.


  • The first row will tell you how many merchant records you are importing.
  • The second row will tell you how many of the imported records have duplicates already in your system.
  • The third row will tell you how many House Duplicates you’re importing.
    • A merchant record is a house duplicate if it already exists in the system, its status is new lead, and it is assigned to your organization’s house account. If Use is checked, then any house duplicate records will not be entered into the system. Instead, the existing records with matching phone numbers will exhibit the upload date and any updated fields of the would-be house duplicates.
    • The purpose of this feature is to give users with a lot of data the chance to keep their organization’s database from growing unnecessarily.
  • Protected Duplicates tells you how many of your imported leads will be blocked, according to your system’s duplicate-blocking bylaws.
  • Conflicting Industries will tell you how many of your imported records have industries which are not currently recognized by your system.
    • If you click Sync, you will see a list of the foreign industry names, and you will have two choices.
      • One is to select Insert New, which means that the industry name will now be recognized by your system.
      • The other option is to select an industry from the drop-down menu. This means that all records with the particular unrecognized industry will instead exhibit the industry of your selection.
    • Finally, the last row at the bottom of the page will tell you how many Blacklisted records you attempted import.


Once all industry conflicts are resolved, click Continue to reach the final section.


Just select the users to whom these leads will be assigned, the lead class of these imported leads, and set Re-Assign to either On or Off. Once everything is to your liking, click Submit, and your leads will be successfully imported.


That’s it for the new Lead Class Import! If you don’t have this upgrade yet and would like it on your system, please let us know! Click “Help” to contact us, and we’ll install the tool on your system as soon as possible!