Junior Management

For Kit Types:CRM, MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, ERP, IVR, VoIP

This video focuses on the Junior Management tool, and its main two features: the ability to create teams, and the ability to create junior relationships. These two features are especially useful for users of the iMerchant instance of the BPO Kit, as they allow for organized paths of oversight from team leaders to junior team members, and senior reps to junior reps. The tool is accessed by clicking Tools & Reports, then Management Tools, then Junior Management.


To create a team, click the Manage Teams button. Then, click the Add Team button. The system will prompt you to select the two team leaders. If you would like the team to have only one leader, then select the same individual as Senior 1 and Senior 2. Please note that the only users eligible to be selected as team leaders are those who hold the position of Senior Account Executive. Lastly, the value entered in the Commission field will be the cap on all outgoing commissions for the team. Though they are not required fields, you may also enter Earning and Funding Projections for specific months.


Once the team is formed, you’re not done! You’ll need to visit Managed Users, click on the individual users who should be part of the team, and manually assign them to the team.


The second half of Junior Management allows you to create ad-hoc relationships between two reps. These relationships should be temporary, and are usually used for training purposes.


To start, click the Add Junior Relationship button. Then, in the drop-down menu, choose the Senior and Junior. Finally, you’ll want to select the Visibility which the Senior has over the Junior. Visibility has three options:


  • Search Only means that the Senior will only see the Junior’s records if the Senior manually searches for them
  • App Out means that the Senior will see all deals of the Junior’s, from the App Out milestone forward, added to his or her own queues
  • Submitted means that the Senior will see all deals of the Junior’s, from the Submitted milestone forward, added to his or her own queues.


The Visibility level you choose will not concern records existing before the Junior Relationship was created. If you would like the Senior’s visibility to encompass all of the Juniors’ records, including those existing from before the relationship was created, simply click the Sync button. Then, click OK.