Master Recycling (Submission Triggers Upgrade)

For Kit Types:MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, ERP, IVR, CRM, VoIP

Here, we are highlighting the evolution of submission triggers, from the eponymous Submission Triggers tool to the newer Master Recycling tool. This upgrade is particularly important for MCA clients who use the iMerchant instance of the BPO Kit, as Master Recycling allows for alerts pertaining to more customized groupings of clients.


We briefly review the function of Submission Triggers, before introducing you to Master Recycling. Master Recycling’s interface may be familiar because it is a sister tool to Custom Grids. Compared to Submission Triggers, you may select records with specific properties, such as having certain assigned users, statuses, and so on. The field which differentiates Master Recycling from Custom Grids is the Delivery field. In this field, there are five options from which to choose:


  • Move to House Account: Move the selected records over to your organization’s house account.
  • Export With Re-Assign On: Exports the records, and if a schedule is set, emails you an Excel spreadsheet of them, as well. If a user specifically searches for one of the recycled records’ phone numbers, then that record will be assigned to that same user.
  • Export With Re-Assign Off: Exports the records, and if a schedule is set, emails you an Excel spreadsheet of them, as well. There will be no re-assigning upon search of recycled records’ phone numbers.
  • Download Only: Gives you the option to download an Excel file of all records matching your specifications. As with the two Export options, this Excel file will be emailed to you if a schedule is set.
  • Create Custom Grid: Creates a Custom Grid of the current filter set.


Whichever option you choose, be sure to click Submit to save your changes.


To set a schedule for these various delivery options, click the All Filter Sets button, then navigate to your desired Filter Set. In the Schedule column, choose the time when you would like your Filter Set to be automatically delivered in the manner you chose.