Record-Level Text Exchange

For Kit Types:MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, CRM

To input a business owner’s cell phone number, open your desired lead, hover over to the grey Basic Owner Info section, and enter it in the entry box titled Alternate Phone. Be sure to click the Save Business button!


Once the business’ alternate/mobile number is saved, re-open the merchant record, and click on the green SMS button. Once pressed, you will be able to view the text history of your business and the business stored in the merchant record. In the New Message entry box, you may enter a message which you would like to have texted to the merchant, then click Send to send it to them. As long as Auto-Refresh (in the top-right corner) is switched to On, you will be able to view text updates, for messages either In or Out, in real-time. You may also view these text messages in your alerts, which may be accessed by clicking the grey New Messages button on the left side of Lead Management.


Keep in mind that messages cost Tokens to send, so use them wisely! More tokens may be bought by clicking on the Tokens button.