Assignment Rules

For Kit Types:CRM, MCA CRM (iMerchant), BPO, ERP, VoIP

Using Assignment Rules, you may assign leads with specific attributes to selected users through an automated process, saving you the time and effort of assigning them manually.


The tool is accessed by clicking Tools & Reports, then Management Tools, then Assignment Rules. Upon selection, the tool will directly present you with the option to create a New Rule. The first three fields pinpoint the classifications of leads which you will be assigning:


  • First, Type has three options: Lead Post, Retention Record, or Inbound Call
  • Then, Target Object has four options: Business, Application, Funding, or Source
  • Finally, Target Field has two options: Amount or Lender


The remaining fields depend on your Target Field selection:


  • If you choose Amount, then in the Min and Max fields, you must enter the minimum and maximum dollar amounts of the range of leads you would like to assign to your selected user
  • If you choose Lender, then in the Equals field, you must select the lender whose leads you would like to assign to your selected user


Your last step, in the Recipient field, is to select the user to whom this new rule will be assigned.


Check that all of your specifications are correct, then submit the rule. It will now be listed above, in the Current Rules section of the page. If you made a mistake in the specifications of any rule, or would like to remove one for another reason, you may do so by clicking the red button to the right of that rule.


Lastly, after creating several rules, you may run into the case of an overlap between the specifications of two or more rules. For example, two or more rules may share values in their Min and Max ranges. In this scenario, you may use the up and down arrows to control which user takes priority. The rule listed the highest on the Current Rules list will be the one which has the highest priority, and so on, in descending order.