Latest Releases For Kit Type ERP

Nextiva Integration
Using the Nextiva integration, users can track their agents' calls, call times, and calls missed while creating custom triggers against the integration's call events. In addition, call data are included in native Desk Performance Reports when this integration is active. This allows call performance to be compared with milestone-based performance for a clearer picture of overall user activity.

Using HelloSign, users may sign, fill out, send retrieve, and save documents using a cloud-based electronic signature tool. Any documents signed using HelloSign are legally valid under the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act.

To enter your HelloSign integration credentials, head over to Tools & Reports -> Management Tools -> System Statuses. You should enter your HelloSign API Key in the field titled HelloSignAPIKey. You may also toggle the test mode status of your HelloSign integration with the HelloSignTestMode field; the values are 1 for On, and 0 for Off. Also, the field HelloSignActive determines whether the Send E-Sign Request control shows up at all in the Files dialogue of the given lead record.

To send a document using HelloSign, navigate to your desired lead record, and click the Files button. Check the file(s) which you would like to send, and then click the Send E-Sign Request button. This button will send the request signal to your e-signature provider, which in this case, is HelloSign. This will, in turn, send out the request to your lead record.

Through HelloSign, if the initial e-sign request is not acted upon, the recipient will get reminder emails until they either sign the document or explicitly reject it. If there is a disclaimer about the document being non-binding, then that is because you left the HelloSignTestMode setting in System Settings on On.