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Our Customer Relationship Management platform is the antithesis of the "cookie cutter" standard. Our entire platform has been guided by specific user demands regarding particular use cases.

We consider it our job to make sure that those demands pose a benefit to the platform at large. This is achieved by paying careful attention to the inherent modularity (the extent to which a feature can be applied to the broader platform without any manipulation) of each proposed feature before we build it, as well as reviewing the support trends for the given use case in order to have a grasp of how much of the proposed feature is something everyone does exactly the same, what needs to be optional within a range of values, and how much needs to be totally free of limits imposed to the user.

Aside from strengthening our platform, this process also benefits our customers in one very important way:

  • Free Custom Development - If a requested feature, or indeed entire instance type, poses a value add to the platform at large, we not only complete the customization as a matter of priority, but we also foot the bill.

In this way, we continue to develop what we believe is a more usable platform with broader application than is typical in our industry.

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Our Business Process Optimization instances are our broadest SaaS instances types. They cover CRM, Processing, Payroll, Marketing, Retention, and much more. Because of the breadth of this instance type, we have broken our introductory webinars into specific user type perspectives (admin, operations, marketing, accounting, etc). We recommend planning a series of tutorials with us, each targeted to one of the above.

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Because our history has been business process-heavy, and our development goals modular, we find ourselves in a unique position to provide ERP solutions to a broad range of verticals.

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Our Merchant Cash Advance CRM can be more accurately described as a turn-key, branded Business Process Optimization system, as it encompasses not only Lead Management, but Operations,Payroll,Partner Management,Marketing,Management by Exception Rules/Triggers, and more.


About the only thing we're proud to exclude from our MCA platform is bulk robo-messaging via any medium. Transactional messaging we do offer and support.

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Since the acceptance of Voice Over Internet Protocol as the preferred medium for business phone networks, the power and reach of internal business systems has grown at an incredible rate. Today, our clients enjoy systems that integrate and share signals with their phone networks via a variety of protocols including:

  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP)
  • Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)

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Our Interactive Voice Response systems evolved from an age when marketers would "robo-dial" prospects in bulk and offer options via key-press actions, typically to connect the recipient with a sales agent. The owner of the sales floor to which the connected agent belonged would benefit from the astronomically higher connection rate and phone time per workday ratio over traditional one-to-one dialing, while the rest of the world lost out on productivity, tranquility, and even the ability to be available by phone to friends and family.

These practices, known to some as "Press 1" campaigns, are still in use today. Along with "predictive dialing", mass, non-transactional email campaigns, and bulk text campaigns, they are not built, housed or supported on our platform; however, this is not the only application for IVR.

Interactive Voice Response systems can be incorporated into any business system as a way of alerting users or clients to a specific, particular event to which they've consented to the contact. For example, if you have, in your array of milestones, a particular status that requires a client response before further milestones can be reached, you may configure that milestone to trigger a press 1, text, or email template to the client. You may also configure a status to trigger an alert not the moment it is reached, but upon a record reaching that status and growing stagnant for x days, weeks, months, etc..

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